Electro fusion HDPE Pipe Fittings

efgroup Coupler Distance Piece Electrofusion Coupler End cap Equal Tee Male Threaded Adoptor Rain forcing servicr saddle Reducer Reducer Reducer Reducing Tee Reucer Tapping Saddle Tranjection coupler Male threaded Transition coupler female Threaded Transition elbow female Threaded Transition elbow male threaded

The Process of electro fusion must be carried out by qualified or trained person using appropriate Electrofusion tooling to ensure a good quality joint

We leverage our local and global knowledge of the industry, regulations and building habits to provide consistently excellent customer service through our distribution partners to building installers, infrastructure contractors and others. Thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of its local people, balanced with the strengths, we continue to develop and improve our positions in key building applications throughout the india

This manual is specially designed for fullfilling customers requirement during installations.Also includes recommendations on capability for welding with pipes of different SDR or PN rating.

Features & Benefits

Application In Various Industries

Pipe Size : ½" ( 20mm ) to 12 " ( 315 mm )

Pressure Ratings : PN 10 kg/cm2 , PN 16 kg/cm2

Pipe Fittings Sizes : ½" ( 20 mm ) to 12 " ( 315 mm )

Design : Electro Fusion Welding ( Jointing )

Range of Electro fusion HDPE Fittings : Coupler , Tee , Reducer , Tapping Tee , End Cap , Elbow 90° , Branch Tapping Saddle , Brass Male Threaded Adopter ( Brass ) , Female Threaded Adopter ( Brass ) , Metal Transaction Elbow , etc.


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