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PPH - Polypropylene Homopolymer shows a high mechanical strength, tensile strength, but a low notched impact strength. PP resists stress cracking and it is easy to weld. Though at times PP can get brittle at minus temperature, generally it resists stress / cracking and is easy to weld. The working temperature ranges between +5°C and 100°C.

Jointing : Available in both Socket Fusion & But Welding, but we prefer Socket welding to ensure 100% leak-proff joints

Thermal Expansion : Due to unique Grade of PP & PPH thermal expansion is very low, leading to lesser sagging compared to HDPE.

UV Resistance : India's first manufacturer of PP & PPH with specialized UV coating giving good UV resistance in comparison to other Polymer pipes.

High Impact Strength :Can use PP / PPH in substitute of any metal pipe under unskilled labor region also, due to use of world best grade o PP.

Non-Corrosive & Erosive : Non-Corrosive raw material & smoother inner surface prevents any kind of corrosion & erosion.

Main Application


PIPE : ½" ( 20 ) mm to 6" ( 160 mm ) - PN10, PN16, PN20

Fittings : ½"( 20 ) mm to 6" ( 160 mm )

Range of PPH Fittings : Flange (Slipon , Threaded , Pipe Bore , Blind , Puddle Flange , Sandwich Flange) , Pipe End , Bend , Tee , Reducer , End Cap , Hose Nipple ( Flanged , Threaded ) , Threaded Nipple , Hex Nipple , Threaded Coupling , Tank Adaptors , Union etc.


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