Chemical Process Pumps

Magnetic Drive Pump

Seal less Magnetic Drive pumps

These pumps are 100% Leak Proof Magnetic Drive pumps. There is no shaft seal used and the impeller is provided the rotation with the help of Magnetic drive. High Power permanent rare earth Magnets are used in magnetic drive arrangement which gives high mechanical efficiency with zero slippage.

These pumps are 100% Leak Proof and ideally suitable for handling corrosive chemicals, toxic and fuming liquids, acids, electroplating chemicals, dyes, solvents, petrol, kerosene, pharmaceutical and food syrups etc.


Application In Various Industries :

Pump Material & Temperature Resistance

Polypropylene Glass Field : 80°C

PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride): 120°C

Pump Range & Capacity

Capacity upto : 10 LPM To 750 LPM.

Head upto : 40 Mtrs .

Power upto : 0.12 H.P. To 5 H.P.

Speed (RPM) : 2900 RPM

Phase : Single Phase / Three Phases

Imported Notes: Flame Proof Pump's Motor also Available in all pump range and capacity



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