Vertical Pump

Vertical Glandless Pumps are specially design to remove the problems arising from the use of Mechanical Seals, Stuffing Box Gland , Internal Bearings and Dry running in all types Centrifugal Process Pumps. The pumps is similar design to any conventional centrifugal pump. It differs in so far as , it is always mounted in the vertical position. A restriction is provided above the impeller and the need for any form of liquid seal is obviated by allowing a small leakage to escape by way of an overflow connection in the upper pump body and return to the suction vessel. The Volute Casing & Impeller are made from UHMWPE and also the over flow Casing Cover is made from UHMWPE materials to give max. high strength to pump. The Pump is supported by CI mounted bracket with SS Bolts & Nuts.

Polyprpylene Vertical Gland Less Pump uses for handling highly corrosive & abrasive acids, alkalis like H3PO4, H2SO4, HF, ZnSO4, Na2SO4, HCL, NaoH, etc. in Phosphoric Acid Plants , Gas Washing Plants , Rayon Plants , Caustic Soda Plants , Water Treatment Plants , Filterpress for Dyes , Effluent Treatment Plants , Electro plating , Pickling in Steel Rolling Mills , Paper & Fertilizer Plants etc .

Features of Vertical Glandless Pump

Application in Industries

Pump Material & Temperature Resistance

Polypropylene : 80 °C

PPH : 100 ° C

PVDF : 120 ° C

PFA : 180 ° C

Pump Range & Capacity

Capacity upto : 60m3/hr

Head upto : 50 Mtrs

Power upto : 1 H.P. To 10 H.P.

Speed (RPM) : 1440 RPM , 2900 RPM

All Pumps are Available in Three Phase Power .

Imported Notes: Flame Proof Pump's Motor also Available in all pump range and capacity .


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