Temporary Stainer

Temporary Stainer Plate type temporary stainer Temporary Stainer Temporary Stainer Temporary Stainer Temporary Stainer

Basket Type Temporary Stainer

Conical Type Temporary Stainer

Plate Type Temporary Stainer



Designed to provide inexpensive Protection to expensive Pumps , Meters , Valves & Other mechanical equipment from dirt , scale weld slag and other foreign matter during start up

As the name implies Basket , Conical & Plate Type Stainers are temporary and we recommend that they should be removed from the pipeline after initial start up.

Installation Method

Simply install the stainer into the pipeline and locate it between the pipe flanges. Ensure that mesh lining , if provided is facing the flow. The stainer is designed to be self centering between the pipe flange and bolting. Ensure that required gasket & Bolting is installed and bolt torque values are achieved using standard piping practices.

Standard Size of Temporary Stainer :

½" ( Inch ) to 24 " ( Inch ) & Fabricated - Custom sizes to meet any Requirements.

End Connections :

Flange Type , Thread Type , Socket Type , But weld Type

Screen Opening : 3 Mesh to 100 Mesh.

Temperature Range : 20° C to 250° C

Range of Material :

Polypropylene , Polyethylene , FRP , PVC , CPVC , PVDF , PTFE .


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