Level Indicator

Level Indicator Valve PP Indicator Assembly Set PP Level Indicator Assembly Set

Level Indicators operate according to the system of communicating tubes and the float principle.The medium leaves the vessel and enters the standpipe through the lower couplings. The measuring float incorporated in the standpipe indicates the actual fluid level in the vessel.

Continuous measuring, display and monitoring of levels of fluid in open and closed vessels. Plastic designs are employed especially in water treatment plants, in vessels containing caustic materials from purification plants and for completely desalinated water and boiler feed water. The units can be equipped with magnet activated solenoid operated touch sensitive switches for control processes (caustic or optical signals, motor and valve controls or similar devices).

Features :

Application In Industries :

Design : Standard & As per custom design.

Standard Size : ½" Inch , ¾" Inch , 1" Inch As Per Standard Size Moulding

Material : Plastics

Temperature Requirement : Suitable As Per Custom Requirement .


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