Trolley Wheel

Cast Nylon Trolly Wheels CI wheel Fiber Wheel Nylon Trolley Wheel Nylon Wheels Plastic Wheel PU On CI Wheel PU Wheel UHMW Red Wheel with Base Wheel White Nylon

'SWAMI' makes multiple types of wheels and material handling equipment. Our complete assortment includes Roller Wheels, Thermoplastic Polyurethane Wheels, Cast Nylon Wheels and UHMWPE Wheels for Textile Industry, Polyurethane Wheels for textile industry, Nylon Polyamide Wheels and many more.

Feature :

Types of Trolley Wheel :

Design of Trolley Wheel : As per manufacture standard.

Trolley Wheel Standard Size : 2 inch to 12 inch Diameter.

Material of Construction : PP , UHMWPE , NYLON , POLYURETHENE .


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