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Nylon Sheet

Nylon is an extruded general purpose nylon 6 & 6,6. Nylon is one of the original engineering plastics and is still today the material of choice for many bearing and wear applications. Due to its unique combination of physical properties such as toughness, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and light weight, Nylon 66 is regularly machined into parts to replace bronze, brass, steel and aluminum. Nylon 66 MoS is enhanced with molybdenum 2 disulfide and provides a lower coefficient of friction and improved wear resistance. Nylon 66 GF 30 is reinforced with 30% glass fibers and offers higher tensile strength, flexural strength and superior abrasion resistance

Range :

Sheets, rods, standard and custom profiles, cut-to-size strips and blocks.

Our Manufacturing Range of Nylon Sheet :


Some commercial applications of Nylon which are used In industries are Textile, Automobile, Paper & Sugar Mills, Bottling & Foods processors, Engineering and chemical, and marine. A huge and varied amount of components are made and some of them, are Bushes, Bearing slide plates, Gears, Gear Racks, wear Plates, washers, sleeper Pads for Rolling Mills, Liners, Wheels, Sleeves, Pulleys, Ropeways, Tyre, Eccentric Rollers, Loom Pivot Bearings, Throttle Linkages, Shackle Pin Bushes, Timing Screws &, Nut Bolts.

Nylon Sheet Size :

Thickness : 3 mm to 200 mm

Width : Upto 1200 mm

Length : As Per Requirements

Standard Size (mm) : 1000 x 2000, 1250 x 2000 , 1250 x 2440 , 1220 x 2440 , 1500 x 3000

Standard Color : Black , white , Blue

Nylon Rod Size (mm) :

Diameter : 10 mm to 300 mm

Length : 300 mm , 600 mm , 1000 mm

Color : Natural White , Black


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