C - PVC Corzan Piping System

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Industries often require C-PVC Corzan piping systems which are made of materials that can withstand tough industrial environments. Ideally, this means a cost effective material that will resist corrosion while also providing mechanical strength, safety and long lasting performance.

C - PVC piping materials, having an operational temperature range from 0° to 80°C, are suitable for high temperature environments. The excellent mechanical characteristics such as a high tensile strength, stiffness and impact strength are evident even at increased temperatures

Main Advantages :

Fields of Applications :

Pipes & Fittings Sizes

Pipes : SCH 40 & 80 : ½" (15 mm) to 12" (300 mm)

Fittings : SCH 80 : ½" (15 mm) to 12" (300 mm)

Range of Available Pipes & Fittings : Coupler , Tee , Elbow , Bend , End Cap , M.T.A. , F.T.A. , Tail Piece , Flange , Service Saddle , Cross Tee , Reducer , Reducing Bush , Reducing Tee , Reducing M.T.A. , Union , Reducing F.T.A , Ball Valve .


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