Duplex Stainer

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Duplex strainer is a type of filter built into a fuel, oil or water piping system and it is used to remove large particles of dirt and debris. The duplex strainer system usually consists of two separate strainer baskets housed. The system also contains a valve handle placed between the two baskets to divert the flow of liquid to one strainer while the other is being cleaned. On some strainers, the valve will work automatically and the strainer will perform a self-cleaning operation.

These types of strainers are installed in the pipeline systems where flow cannot be stopped. Depending upon sainer sizes they are capable of filtration on depend upon Capacity. Basket Strainers find use in industries where impurities are mostly solids. Unlike other types of strainers, it is easy to conduct maintenance on these strainers.



Standard Size of Duplex Type Stainer :

½" (Inch) to 24" (Inch) & Fabricated - Custom sizes to meet any Requirements.

End Connections :

Flange Type , Thread Type , Socket Type , But weld Type

Screen Opening : 3 Mesh to 100 Mesh.

Temperature Range : 20° C to 250° C

Range of Material :

Polypropylene , Polyethylene , FRP , PVC , CPVC , PVDF , MS FRP Lined , MS PP Lined , MS HDPE Lined ,MS PVDF Lined , PTFE Lined.


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