Tee Type Stainer

Tee Type Stainer Tee Type Stainer

Tee Type Stainer provide economical permanent protection for pumps , valves and meters and other expensive mechanical equipment. This strainer are available in straight flow or angle flow configurations which can easily be in corporate into piping layouts.

Tee Type Stainer are devices installed in a pipe line to remove sediment and debris from fluids. Straining is accomplished by directing the fluid throught sized opening in the elements. Once sediment and debris is collected in the screen , Fluid flow is interrupted while the screen is removed from cleaning.



Standard Size of Tee Type Stainer :

½ " (Inch) to 24" (Inch) Fabricated - Custom sizes to meet any Requirements.

End Connections :

Flange Type , Thread Type , Socket Type , But weld Type

Screen Opening : 3 Mesh to 100 Mesh.

Temperature Range : 20° C to 250° C

Range of Material :

Polypropylene , Polyethylene , FRP , PVC , CPVC , PVDF , MS FRP Lined , MS PP Lined , MS HDPE Lined ,MS PVDF Lined , PTFE Lined.


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